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About Me

About Me

Dear Reader,

Well done to you for taking this step to explore your life, and having the courage to wish for a better way of living it. As there are many professionals out there that have an equally strong commitment to helping people navigate the challenges they might experience, I will briefly present my ways to help you decide if you want me to be your coach or therapist.

My name is Ven and over the years as a helping professional I realized that people care less about clever language and elaborate techniques and more about receiving sincere love and compassion, living hope and courage, honest feedback, and new perspectives.

My graduate training in psychology and also psychotherapy, and my experience working on two continents with culturally diverse populations, in many settings, add more tools and approaches to answer the unique needs of my clients. However, what proved to help the most is having the mutual trust to explore and work on intimate, sometimes painful topics, step-by-step. Together, we invite your strengths and natural wisdom to take the steering wheel of your life, letting go of the grasp of your fears and limiting self-beliefs. Together, we also help you chose and create new habits towards better ways of being.

I will act as a co-pilot with a map on your journey, assisting you to navigate through different landscapes: the wilderness of the outside world and its daily demands for attention, and also the wilderness of your emotional realm within, that often overwhelm and detour us from goals and happiness.

You are the Captain that makes the decision on the course, handle the sails, and at times are sweating on the oars. The hard work always pays at the end and your happiness is worth the effort!
Please feel free to reach out, if you want me on board.

Yours truly,

“You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore”
~C. C.


I act as an advocate of the movement for ‘the greening of psychotherapy’, aiming at reuniting people with the natural environment to heal from illness and distress, challenging the separation from nature we are experiencing, especially in the western world, since the industrial revolution. As an umbrella term for nature-based methods of physical and psychological healing, ecotherapy represents a new form of psychotherapy that acknowledges that people are intimately connected with, embedded in, and inseparable from the rest of nature. Comprehending this fact shifts our understanding of how to heal the human psyche and the currently dysfunctional human-nature relationship.

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