Psychotherapy and Nature-Based Services

About Coaching

The essence of Coaching Coaching is an opportunity to focus and move forward, whether the goal is professional, organizational or personal, through the exploration of ideas with a confidential and impartial thinking partner. Coaching Evolution...
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About Me

Dear Reader, Well done to you for taking this step to explore your life, and having the courage to wish for a better way of living it. As there are many professionals out there that...
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My Qualifications

Trained in Scientifically-Based Treatment Approaches Positive Psychotherapy Systemic therapies Attachment based therapies Nature-Based therapy Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Emotionally Focused Therapy Motivational Interviewing Mindfulness Narrative Therapy Developmental couple therapy for complex trauma Achievements 9+ years...
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How it Works

Wildcoaching with Ven Tomov will take you on an inner journey – one where you are the sole architect – deciding where to go, what to reach to, how high or low, for how long...
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About Wildcoaching

Wildcoaching is about communication. It encourages you go beyond what you already know and attain a deeper understanding of your life, relationships and professional aspirations.

Working with Ven is about challenging yourself to walk through change and bring balance and meaning into your life by making a promise to yourself. The outcome of your Quest for fulfillment relies on your commitment, previous experience and the basic skills – of stopping, sitting down and observing, or standing up and moving forward, closer to where you want to be.

It could happen in the safety of your place of choice – the office or outdoors, in the park, the mountain, the seaside – wherever you will feel the inner ease.

Wildcoaching is about re-connection, creativity and courage. It awakens the power to overcome isolation, rigidness and fear.