About Coaching

About Coaching

The essence of Coaching

Coaching is an opportunity to focus and move forward, whether the goal is professional, organizational or personal, through the exploration of ideas with a confidential and impartial thinking partner.

Coaching Evolution

Coaching has evolved from the world of athletics, where coaches help elite athletes fine-tune their development and performance. From there, it moved into the executive offices where coaches focus on the development and performance, as well as the leadership skills of company leaders. Presently, coaching is recognized and applied in its various designs as an effective tool for professional development by people in all levels of an organization.

Types of Coaching

Currently there are two main streams of coaching:

Executive or Business Coaching where the focus is on organizational and professional goals and achievements.

Personal Coaching, where the focus is on personal development and goals.

The coaching approach and the concepts are relatively the same in both cases – it is all about improvement. What differs is the focus.

Whether you want to focus on the ways you are doing things at work or you want to focus on the way you are living, it is up to you.
Wildcoaching offers partnership in both.

Coaching enhance learning

Statistics prove that training increases effectiveness by 27% and training followed by coaching increases effectiveness by 87%.

Coaching follow-up means you apply your new skills to situations as they arise, which anchors the learning as it relates to your personal situation and to you.