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Ven is very open and easy to communicate with. He is very professional, carefully exploring the clients’ needs and delivering a top class service. He does not apply standard approaches which are commonly implemented, which makes his training really fascinating, thus leading to high level of participation by the group and achieving the best result possible. I have really enjoyed working with him and I kindly advise you to get the chance and experience the same. I am convinced that once you use his professional services, you shall be really amazed of the results and the interactive tools he applies.

Milena Boneva, currently Head of Human Resources Department
ProCredit Bank (Bulgaria) AD

During the two years I had worked with Ven I found his approach and behaviour professional. His creative energy was boundless. After our life paths seperated, we once again came into contact though this time as a client of his. Vens’ sole purpose was to guide and coach me to the most wonderful journey of my life and that was the arduous journey of all, the journey of self discovery.
Thank you for your support and total flexibility in your approach Ven. Highly recommended.

Tzvetelina Mihaylova
Recruitment and TOD Manager – Telecommunication company

I could heartily recommend Ven, as I think that his positivity, open and honest approach real care of people, are absolutely beneficial for his customers. I met him in a very difficult period of my life – time of radical changes of my values, but it seems that it was the right time, as it gave us an opportunity to express the best qualities we have. During the coaching Ven shows professional and at the sametime very human approach and the results were amazing.

Nellie Stoyanova, Purchasing Director, Curtis/Balkan Ltd

As a Wildcoach, Ventsislav makes untangling your inner workings into art. He is an exceptionally gifted psychologist and adviser. With a diverse background, varied interests, and a unique, singularly positive approach, Ventsislav is immediately engaging, likeable and trustworthy. With him, you can reach deeper into your psyche, challenge yourself and ultimately, write your own story.

Izidora Angel, Principal iam :: izidora angel marketing

Ventsislav has supported me at the time I have to go through a complicated career decision. The efforts we spent in a combination with his independent view and systemized approach have resulted in the exact solution I have wanted.
Working with Ventsislav most probably you will have to face things you know but you haven’t wanted to address. Either way you should not worry because it simply shows you are now on the right way.

Svetoslav Tomov, Project Manager Telecomunications, Alcatel-Lucent

Sometimes you need to just have the right person to listen to you, and you are able to find a solution you have long looked for. Ven has the talent to tell you just one word and to unlock all the answers you have in yourself. And that is without working with you professionally! I have seen Ven walk many people through self-discovery, and he does it in a very gentle way, showing that the power is indeed in you. His calm nature and the understanding atmosphere and slow pace that he sets, encourages people to open up and easily take the decision to change. He is the only person I trust 100% when talking about self-awareness and self-discovery.

Maria Deneva, Recruitment, Training & Development Manager, Carlsberg Bulgaria AD