About Wildcoaching


Wildcoaching is about communication. It encourages you go beyond what you already know and attain a deeper understanding of your life, relationships and professional aspirations.
It is about challenging yourself to walk through change and bring excitement and success into your life by making a promise to yourself. It relies on your commitment, experience and the basic power skills – of stopping, sitting down and observing, or standing up and moving forward – to bring you closer to where you want to be.
It could happen in the privacy of a silent room, your office or outdoors, in the park, the mountain, the seaside – wherever you will feel the inner ease.
Wildcoaching is about unity, creativity and courage, the power to overcome isolation, rigidness and rejection.


How it Works

Wildcoaching with Ven Tomov will take you on an inner journey – one where you are the sole architect – deciding where to go, what to reach to, how high or low, for how long and for how far, and whom you want on your side.
This journey starts with a call to discuss where you come from, what your personal or professional goals are, and time available. From there we shall decide what will best suit your needs – online or telephone coaching, live indoor meetings, a hike, a trip, a retreat in the wild or a combination of all these.
The first set-up session is complimentary and it will take about 1 hour.



Ven’s academic background is in Psychology. He is also a certified Positive Psychotherapist by the World Association for Positive Psychotherapy, a member of the World Council for Psychotherapy and the European Association for Psychotherapy. In addition, he is a certified expert in the use of the psychometric analysis system of Thomas International.
Ven’s consulting practice so far includes life and executive coaching for individuals and corporate clients as well as training programs and various leadership assessment projects /see Clients/.
He started his coaching practice in 2002 and since then he has accrued over 900 hours of consulting experience.
Apart from this, Ven is an ex-skydiver, a certified First Aider, a hiker and a father. His outdoor activities’ experience is based on his past experience as a mountain guide at the International Adventure School /Educo/ and a camp leader at the Bulgarian re-enactment Celtic Society /more than 8 years/.


Petya’s academic background is in Philosophy. She is focused on doing her best in order to reveal and develop the unique gifts of your child while you are concentrating on yourself. She believes that children and flowers are pretty much alike – both need lots of fresh air, sunlight and love in order to grow strong and healthy. As a good florist she knows how to listen and speak to them, how to feed and water them, giving the space they need to develop and reveal their beauty and charm. As everyone is different, Petya’s approach is 100 % personalized to meet the specific needs of your children. She actively involves their imagination and creativity at it best through game, reading, drama, dance, music and art that helps them express their feelings, intellectual and artistic skills.